Art Responders


VIRAL: RK25 would not have been possible without the generous funding of donors to our IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign.  These donors contributed over $5000 in funding for the exhibition, enabling the presentation of VIRAL's uniquely diverse media and techniques.  A special thanks goes to these internationally-based founding donors who deserve special mention for taking a leap of faith to make it all happen:


Aadesh Gosrani, London, UK; Anita E Henderson, Silver Spring, MD; Arvid Kronmark, Stockholm, Sweden; Barbara G Warwick, Pittsburgh, PA; Barbara G Wells, Los Angeles, CA; Benedetta Faedi and Johan Duramy, San Francisco, CA; Bjørn Alfred Immonen, Mø i Rana, Norway; Caroline Myers, Oakland, CA; Claire W. Johnson, Pasadena, CA; Darya and Viggo Rekdal, Oslo, Norway; Deborah Glupczynski, Oakland, CA; Dorothy S Curtis, Los Angeles, CA; Elizabeth B Collins, New York, NY; Ellen Liu and Mahmood Aslam, Washington, DC; Everett R Wells, Salem, OR; Helen E Tremaine, London, UK; Judy Sanderson, Eugene, OR; Juliet E Kight, Los Angeles, CA; Karen Sue Schaffer (location unknown); Kathleen B McCarthy, Philadelphia, PA; Kirsten and Gilad Wolff, Berkeley, CA; Mary Ann Gallo, Los Angeles; Megan Hiatt and Giles Bergel, London, UK; Nathaniel Bennett, London, UK; Nell Ziehl, Baltimore, MD; Nina Katan Kourako, New York, NY; ; Paul J Haydu, San Francisco, CA; Ranica and Abraham Khosipatt, Berkeley, CA; Saamra Mekuria-Grillo, San Francisco, CA; Sandra H Cox, Washington, DC; Sarah and Daniel Moynihan, San Francisco, CA; Shikha Jain and Seenu Upadhiya, San Francisco, CA; Stash Maleski, Oakland, CA; Sue Spuehler, Los Angeles. CA; Susan Palmer, Los Angeles, CA; Tamara and Jamie Spencer, Oakland, CA; Tatiana Pretlow, San Francisco, CA; Theresa Powers, San Antonio, TX; Thomas Stenvoll, Berkeley, CA; Veronica Cox, San Francisco, CA; Vonterance Bell, Los Angeles, CA; and Yung Ann Chin, San Francisco, CA.