Art Responders


These testimonials are taken from the visitors' book at the Duron Gallery where the exhibition premiered.  At the time the exhibition featured 35 artists and 50+ works of art; that number has now grown to over 50 artists with over 100 works on display.  

“Love the timeline organization, made it cohesive.  Also, I really enjoyed the initiatives, it made it feel solution-oriented.” - Local visitor Weiss Hamid

Powerful, informative, and engaging show.  Thank you!” -Local visitor Mary Ann Gallo

Impacting experience, eye opener.”  -Local visitor Joana Moreno

“Such a powerful exhibition.  We cannot turn a blind eye to police brutality. So many lives lost, talented peoplethat died because of an unequal system that DOES NOT WORK.  We need a change and this exhibition clearly shows that.” -UK visitor, name withheld

“Good to see art addressing such an important issue.  Thank you." -Berlin visitor, name withheld

“Made me think and feel what it’s like.” -Jennifer Simmons

“Very real, informative and sad—thanks for doing this.” -Local visitor Nancy Brown

“Very relevant and necessary for the public to raise awareness.” -Local visitor Leticia (last name withheld)

Connecting the past to the present is necessary and the research/curatorial team did an excellent job.  Thank You." - Local visitor Rose Salseda

“This exhibit does a powerful and moving job of showing us how the more things change, the more they stay the same.  We are faced with the ceaseless repetition of state violence against black and brown bodies.  What Frank Wilderson has called a Manichean Divide between those bodies that magnetize bullets and those that do not.  Still, we must look this banal violence in the face.  Give it a name.  Remind ourselves that we have a right to look and a responsibility to bear witness, to turn vision into voice, and sorrow into struggle.  In solidarity--“ -Alex McVey, No. Carolina

“Thank for having the show to reflect how much progress has been made since Rodney King.  I wish that your show continues to grow and blossom to inform lives around the country.” -Anonymous